Step 4: Review the Yeoman-generated app

Open up your mytodo directory to take a look at what was actually scaffolded. It’ll look like this:

In mytodo, we have:

src: a parent directory for our web application

  • app: our React + Redux code
  • index.html: the base html file
  • index.js: the entry point for our TodoMVC app

conf: a parent directory for our configuration files for third-party tools (Browsersync, Webpack, Gulp, Karma)

gulp_tasks and gulpfile.js: our builder tasks

.babelrc, package.json, and node_modules: configuration and dependencies required

.gitattributes and .gitignore: configuration for git

Create the first commit

After generation and installation you should have a fresh git repository already initialzing.

You can safely add a commit to save the current state by these commands.

git add --all && git commit -m "First commit"

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