How to open an helpful issue

In order for us to help you please check that you’ve completed the following steps:

  • Made sure you’re on the latest version npm update -g yo
  • Used the search feature to ensure that the bug hasn’t been reported before
  • Included as much information about the bug as possible, including any output you’ve received, what OS and version you’re on, etc.
  • Shared the output from running the following command in your project root as this can also help track down the issue.


yo --version && echo $PATH $NODE_PATH && node -e 'console.log(process.platform, process.versions)' && cat Gruntfile.js


yo --version && echo %PATH% %NODE_PATH% && node -e "console.log(process.platform, process.versions)" && type Gruntfile.js

Then submit your issue on the relevant repository

For any issues related to a particular generator (grunt build not working, you’d like a new feature, etc), then search on github for the relevant repository. They’re usually named generator-X.