Step 2: Install a Yeoman generator

In a traditional web development workflow, you would need to spend a lot of time setting up boilerplate code for your webapp, downloading dependencies, and manually creating your web folder structure. Yeoman generators to the rescue! Let’s install a generator for FountainJS projects.

Install a generator

You can install Yeoman generators using the npm command and there are over 3500+ generators now available, many of which have been written by the open-source community.

Install generator-fountain-webapp using this command:

npm install --global generator-fountain-webapp

This will start to install the Node packages required for the generator.


If you see permission or access errors, such as EPERM or EACCESS, do not use sudo as a work-around. You can consult this guide for a more robust solution.

Along with using npm install directly, you can search for generators via the Yeoman interactive menu. Run yo and select Install a generator to search for published generators.

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