Step 8: Get ready for production

Ready to show your beautiful todo app to the world? Let’s try to build a production-ready version of it which we can ship.

Optimize files for production

To create a production version of our application, we’ll want to:

  • lint our code,
  • concatenate and minify our scripts and styles to save on those network requests,
  • compile the output of any preprocessors we’re using, and
  • generally make our application really lean.

Phew! Amazingly we can achieve all of this just by running:

npm run build

Your lean, production-ready application is now available in a dist folder in the root of your mytodo project. These are the files that you can put on your server using FTP or any other deployment service.

Build and preview the production-ready app

Want to preview your production app locally? That’s just another simple npm script:

npm run serve:dist

It will build your project and launch a local web server. Yo Hero!

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