Let's Scaffold a Web App with Yeoman

By Mehdy Dara

Allo! Allo! In this 25-minutes codelab, you will build a fully functional web application from scratch with the help of Yeoman and FountainJS. The sample app will be written in React, Angular2 or Angular1.

Don’t know any React or Angular? That’s okay, we’ll walk you through it. However, we do assume that you have some previous JavaScript experience.

Build this sample app with Yeoman

The sample web app you’ll build today will be a implementation of TodoMVC. You will be able to add todos, delete todos, filter todos, and together we’ll add a feature to save todos offline.

Finished TodoMVC app

What's in this codelab?

We will build the above TodoMVC app from scratch. Each step builds on the previous so go through each step one by one.

It will take approximately 25 minutes to complete this codelab. By the end, you’ll have a snazzy TodoMVC app and your computer will be set up to build even more awesome web apps in the future.

Let's get started with Step 1 »