Yeoman updates for Friday, March 7th.

First off, Happy Friday!

Today we released updates to six of our official generators. The complete changelogs can be found in our linked release pages lower down.

Sindre also released a new version of his Gulp plugin generator, Hemanth released an Atom Editor package generator and Rob updated grunt-bower-requirejs. Simon is almost ready shipping a huge new feature for yo (composability), which we hope to talk about in the next few weeks. Leonardo, Eddie and Rob have been working on a completely new mobile-first design for which they hope to get out in the next month. Kevin has been helping out all over the place.

Peter has continued his work on AssetGraph and for the brave of heart there’s an experimental Yeoman Webapp generator using it that’s available to play with.

Release Highlights

  • Our Gulp WebApp generator now supports wiredep so any dependencies installed with Bower will be automatically wired up to your index for you.
  • Our Backbone generator now provides more useful boilerplate scaffolding (thanks to the community, and Revath for maintaining)
  • Our Grunt WebApp generator gets a big update with numerous stability fixes. We’ve also switched to using the official Bootstrap Sass package.



On the community-front, we’ve started work on our next monthly digest but until then enjoy this quick video on building a budgeting webapp with Yo and Angular.

Until next time, have an awesome weekend!

~ Addy and the team

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