Release the Kraken! - Announcing Yeoman 1.0

Your favorite top-hat-and-mustache man has hit the shelves. Head to your nearest npm today and update to Yeoman 1.0!

The Yeoman 1.0 Team

For those who haven’t tried Yeoman yet, or have been waiting for 1.0, just tell your terminal:

npm install -g yo

If you’ve already used any of the 1.0 Release Candidates, you’ll feel right at home with this upgrade. You’re in for more of the same stable, happy relationships you’ve had with yo and your favorite generators.

npm update -g yo

Note: Remember, you’ll need to install a generator using yo or yo followed by a generator name like yo angular before you see the options below :)

What’s New In 1.0?

A new `yo` helpful prompt system

Some of the interesting developments over the past year have included:

  • Separating out yo from yeoman, positioning it as a first-class scaffolding solution for the web.

  • A completely rewritten generator system with rich prompts (checkbox, list, etc. thanks to Inquirer.js, file utilities and more.

  • Major performance improvements and an automation of install steps. Generators can now install all their peer dependencies, meaning you can just run: npm install generator-angular.

  • A new yo helpful prompt system. Just running yo without specifying a generator will let you easily update your generators, search for and install new generators, and find help.

Why Yeoman?

If you’re new to Yeoman, you’ll have a lot of power at your fingertips with just one yo ____ command. For help getting started, try out these resources:

Even for experienced developers, Yeoman will still improve your workflow. One of the ways Yeoman helps out of the box is by providing a finely-tuned Grunt configuration. What can take hours to setup– LiveReload, Sass, Uglify, CoffeeScript– is done in under a minute. If you wish to customize this even futher, nothing is stopping you!

Who’s Using Yeoman?

These days, Yeoman powers the tooling behind popular open-source projects like Angular, can scaffold out jQuery plugins, full-stack solutions with and Express and is now even used to create complete Wordpress and Jekyll sites.

Yeoman can be used for applications of any size– from a gif maker to a slide deck, a news site or even a VIM cheat sheet.

Have your own? Leave us a message and show it off!

What’s Next For Yeoman?

Yeoman will continue to grow. We have big plans that are all based around making your development workflow easier. Addy paints a lovely picture of the future in his video, The Future Of Yeoman.

To recap, here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Generators extending from other generators.

  • Less scaffolding prompts. Your preferences will be remembered.

  • Less flags. yo can be all you need to remember.

  • Drop-in features. Need CoffeeScript?

Many more improvements for generator authors also await. You can follow and contribute to the discussion about where we’re headed at on GitHub.

A Busy Year

Since this time last year…

  • Addy’s family moved to London.
  • Brian moved to California to work on Angular full-time.
  • Pascal is going to make his big announcement next week or so.
  • Stephen had a baby lady.
  • Sindre got a mustache.

…and yet here we are with the release of a massive project. How could we possibly have done this?

You guys! This simply wouldn’t have been possibly without the help of the enormous open source community. If you had a pull request merged, created an issue, or just made a suggestion, leave a comment! This day is all of ours!

Here are some of us…

Addy, Brian, and Sindre

…but, thank you from all of us.

Stephen Sawchuk { @stephenplusplus },
Addy Osmani { @addyosmani },
Sindre Sorhus { @sindresorhus },
Brian Ford { @briantford },
Pascal Hartig { @passy },
Paul Irish { @paul_irish },
Frederick Ros { @sl33p3r },
Mickael Daniel { @mklabs },
Eric Bidelman { @ebidel }

and the rest of the Yeoman team.

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