Updates to some of our generators

Today we have a few updated generators for your consumption. nom nom nom. As always, we welcome any and all feedback or bug reports on the relevant trackers.

Scaffold a Gruntfile

We released generator-gruntfile 0.0.9 which scaffolds out a Gruntfile and package.json file if you don’t already have one. Changes:

  • Improved stability
  • Fixed peerDependencies issues
  • Fixed strict mode and JSHint options
  • Updated dependencies


npm install -g generator-gruntfile
yo gruntfile

Scaffold a Grunt plugin

We released generator-gruntplugin 0.0.6 which scaffolds a grunt plugin module including Nodeunit unit tests. Changes:

  • Generate package.json from JS object written out as JSON
  • Bumping dependencies


npm install -g generator-gruntplugin
yo gruntplugin

Scaffold a new Node module

We released generator-node 0.0.7 which scaffolds a Node.js module including Nodeunit unit tests. Useful if you need something a little more than npm init. Changes:

  • Improvements to default values
  • Updated dependencies
  • Fixed peerDep issues
  • Fixed test generation for libs with hypens


npm install -g generator-node
yo node

Scaffold a new yo generator

We released generator-generator 0.4.2 which scaffolds a new Yeoman generator with some sensible defaults. Changes:

  • Updated inherits to extend within templated index files
  • Update to the Yeoman-Generator 0.16 inheritance method
  • Update test to use fileContent, update deprecated methods
  • Hide JSHint warning for camel case
  • Bump to latest versions of dependencies, improve package.json


npm install -g generator-generator
yo generator

Scaffold a project using Bootstrap

We released generator-bootstrap 0.1.5 which prompts you for which flavour of Bootstrap you would like to use - Sass, Less, Stylus or just CSS. Changes:

  • Switched to latest official version of bootstrap-sass
  • Switched Less version to components-bootstrap


npm install -g generator-bootstrap
yo bootstrap

Backbone and Ember generator updates

In the past few weeks, we’ve also released updates to:

  • generator-backbone - including scaffolding out your mocha tests while generating models/views/collections.

  • generator-ember - better Compass defaults, updates to Ember 1.3.1, Ember Data 1.0.0beta.

  • generator-polymer - a more Polymerized index.html with further element granularity, updated deps.

We hope you find these updates useful! Happy Friday!

~ Addy and the team.

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