Source: util/util.js

/** @module env/util */
'use strict';

var GroupedQueue = require('grouped-queue');

 * Create a "sloppy" copy of an initial Environment object. The focus of this method is on
 * performance rather than correctly deep copying every property or recreating a correct
 * instance. Use carefully and don't rely on `hasOwnProperty` of the copied environment.
 * Every property are shared except the runLoop which is regenerated.
 * @param {Environment} initialEnv - an Environment instance
 * @return {Environment} sloppy copy of the initial Environment

exports.duplicateEnv = function (initialEnv) {
  var queues = require('../environment').queues;
  // Hack: create a clone of the environment with a new instance of runLoop
  var env = Object.create(initialEnv);
  env.runLoop = new GroupedQueue(queues);
  return env;

 * Log utility
 * @see {@link env/log}
exports.log = require('./log');